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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 16, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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i'm brooke baldwin here in new york. thank you so much for being with me. as you well know you're about to see a very special edition of "the lead." jake tapper is live from new hampshire fresh off his exclusive interview with hillary clinton. do not move. you got to watch "the lead" starts now. hillary clinton sitting down for her first national media interview since leaving las vegas right here with me. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the politics lead. fresh off a record setting debate in terms of viewership and just a few days before she's scheduled to testify in front of congress, i go one-on-one with hillary clinton to talk bernie, trump, bill, benghazi, college affordabili affordability, afghanistan, guns, e-mail servers and much, much more. the world lead, new details on the investigation into the american bombing of a hospital in afghanistan, one that tragically killed doctors and children inside. cnn has learned that the u.s.
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knew it was a hospital, so why did our planes fire anyway? plus, authorities now retracing lamar odom's $75,000 visit to a nevada brothel as one brief moment offers his family a little hope that the nba champ and reality tv star might pull through. welcome to "the lead." i am jake tapper coming to you from live beautiful keene state college in new hampshire. hillary clinton right here on "the lead" for her first national sit-down since tuesday night's debate. she's coming off what establishment types and pundits called a strong showing in sin city. and now clinton is in the middle of trying to reclaim some momentum to extinguish or at least quell the bernie sanders surge. a brand new poll from boston globe and suffolk university taken entirely after tuesday's debate shows clinton is back on
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top here in the granite state. new hampshire with a small lead, it's within the margin of error but still over the senator from neighboring vermont, bernie sanders, who has been leading in polls here in the first of the nation primary state. for months and post-debate clinton's got another task. her campaign is also hoping to put the kybosh on all the pining out there for vice president joe biden who very well could announce intentions as soon as this weekend. a source tell cnn that a decision is imminent and his famil family are, quote, totally on board with a presidential run. now, i asked secretary clinton about the vice president, about her plan to make college more affordable. whether she agrees with president obama's decision to keep troops in afghanistan beyond when he leaves office and of course about the benghazi committee investigation, about the tragedy there, inadequate security and questions about her private e-mail server. we sat down just a few minutes
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ago. so congratulations on this new poll number in new hampshire showing that you're polling ahead of bernie sanders in a state where you've lagged a little. he's from neighboring vermont. the reviews obviously very positive for many pundits. i'm wondering what the pundit in chief, your husband who was in vegas, i'm wondering what he said to you after the debate. >> he thought i did a really good job. and i think that's the highest praise that can i ever get because there's nobody whose opinion on these kinds of things i respect more. it was great to have him with me. we had just celebrated our 40th anniversary on sunday last. so the fact that he could come and keep me company and keep my spirits up and, you know, drill me on some of the things he thought were important meant a great deal to me. >> as long as you bring it up, 40 years of marriage. >> 40 years, jake. 40 years. >> how -- what do you know about him now that you didn't know 40
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years ago? >> i am so grateful that we have basically had the opportunity to grow in so many different ways. i'm not going to sit here and tell you or your viewers that it's been a path filled with rose blossoms. it's been challenging. but overall looking back at those 40 years i am so grateful that after he asked me twice i finally said yes and have spent these years with him. >> turning to the debate, you said at the debate that you're a progressive but you're a progressive that likes to get things done. sanders has plans that i think might be fairly called more ambitious than yours in terms of expanding medicare for everybody basically single parent health care, free college tuition and across the board expansion of social security benefits. do you think he's being unrealistic when he makes these proposals in terms of what can actually get passed through congress? >> look, i have the highest
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regard for senator sanders. and i think he is raising issues that the electorate, not just democrats, everybody needs to be thinking about. and he has put forward his plans with passionate intensity. and i have put forth mine. and just think of the difference between us and the republicans who have put forth nothing but the same old out of touch, out of date policiepolicies. >> why are his plans more ambitious? >> well, he has a very ambitious and expansive view about what he thinks should be done with respect to free college and other of the policies that we both are trying to tackle. i believe that my approach for example on college i call it the new college compact because i think everybody should have some skin in the game including students who i say should work
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for part of their education, maybe it's because i did and my husband did, but i think it's something that you want young people to feel really committed to. it's a difference in approach. we will have an opportunity as these debates go forward to really dig down. and i'm hoping that whatever network hosts them, whoever the moderator happens to be that they will really ask us to explain and contrast. but it's a policy difference. i mean, you could see on that stage in las vegas how we are maybe approaching these problems with different solutions, but we're both seeing the pressures that american families are under and the challenges that they're facing that we want to try to address. and the difference is between us is nothing like the differences we all have with the republicans. and i want the american people to be part of the debate and to hear senator sanders perspective and what he's proposing to hear mine to make up their mind and then to remember that we're not pedaling the same old failed
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policies of trickled down economics and let the corporations do what they want and cut taxes on the wealthy, which is the answer to everything that the republicans put forth. >> speaking of the next debate, you said in the past that vice president biden should take his time whatever he needs to make his decision about whether or not to run. but your campaign is now signaling that it might be time for him to make a decision. your top adviser said this week, quote, i think the time has come for a decision. has the time come? >> well, that's up to vice president biden. obviously -- >> that's your top adviser. >> well, and i think what john was saying is that whether you are encouraging or not, there does come a point where a decision has to be made. but certainly i'm not in any way suggesting or recommending that the vice president accept any timetable other than the one that is clicking inside of him. he has to make this decision. >> at the debate you were asked to name the enemy of which you were most proud.
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among your answers were republicans. that's about half the country, republicans. >> well, it was a little tongue in cheek, but it's clear i think to anybody who's been around for a while that, you know, they do seem to enjoy coming after me. but then once i'm in office they have always worked with me. and i expect it will be exactly the same. it's funny to me. when i was secretary of state i had very high support and approval from republicans, not just the republican voters but republican office holders. as soon as i got into this presidential election, you know, all of that collapsed again. and i'm just reminding people that, you know, you can be an adversary in politics, but then you do have to come together and figure out how to solve problems. >> you're talking a lot at the debate and on the stump about further restrictions on gun ownership, gun control. >> uh-huh. >> i remember in 2008 during the primaries you were positioning yourself to the right of president obama -- or
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then-senator obama on this issue. respecting guns are part of the culture, sending out a mailer criticizing then-senator obama for pushing tougher gun laws. now you're coming at bernie sanders on this issue from the left. did something change or is it just about who you're running against? >> no, not at all. in fact, i would characterize what happened in '08 very differently. i spent a lot of years in arkansas. i have a lot of experience with and respect for people who own guns, collect guns, use them for hun hunting, for target shooting. i respect the second amendment. i was taught to shoot by my dad when i was a girl. i've gone hunting. i get that. and i don't in any way want to denigrate those responsible gun owners who have rights under the second amendment and our laws. but i believe we have gone way too far in being intimidated by the nra. and i have said repeatedly that the majority of americans and the majority of gun owners
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support universal background checks. and for the nra to take these absolute positions on behalf of the most extreme of their members and carrying water for gun manufacturers and dealers is just wrong. so i don't think i have moved at all. i do have more experience perhaps than some in living in places. i represented upstate new york, which is a big vast rural area with small towns and cities. so i get why people who are part of gun ownership are very proud of that. but what i don't get is why we can't have sensible gun safety measures to keep guns out of the hands of fugitives and stalkers and felons and people with serious mental illness and domestic abusers, the people who should not have them in the first place. >> the new yorker this week published a memo about you, about how to defeat you by then-senator obama's campaign. >> huh. >> including your current
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pollster, who i don't know has talked to you about this. >> i haven't seen it. >> in any case, among other things the memo said that you are driven by politics, not conviction, and you're constantly shifting, dodging and changing positions to satisfy the politics of the moment. that's kind of the same wrap on you from your opponents now. do you reject it outright? or do you see why some people might feel that way? >> well, i can see why people try to come up with ways of attacking me that seems to be part of the landscape. it happened when i ran for the senate. it happened obviously again when i ran for president. but i have been the same person. i have the same values, i have the same principles. there isn't anybody i know in politics who hasn't changed a position from time to time except some republicans who are impervious to evidence and changed circumstances. so i really don't pay much mind to that. i'm sure we had some memo somewhere pointing out things that we tried to go after. but that's politics. i get it. but i think anyone who looks at
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what i have fought for and stood for my entire adult life on behalf of kids and families and women and the middle class and economic opportunity knows that i have been very steady. and, yes, do i look at evidence and try to figure out what's the best way forward to achieve the goals that i hold? yes, i do do that. >> speaking of politics, let's talk about the front runner on the other side of the aisle, donald trump. his daughter ivanka just gave an interview to cnn. she said, quote, her dad is not a politician but changing the dialogue and disrupting the process in a very positive way. do you agree? >> first of all i have really high regard for her. she is a wonderful young woman. and a friend of chelsea's. >> yes, she is. i think what she said is bourn out by what's been happening. he has brought his oversized personality and his reality television experience to the highest level of american politics. and seems to be getting a very positive response among a large
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part of the republican electorate. so that's up to the republicans. they have to decide if that will be their nominee or not. i have called him out on some of the things that he has said which i thought were uncalled for, some of the insults and attacks that he's made on immigrants, on women. and it just unacceptable let it be said about the president. so i'm going to continue to criticize him for going beyond the bounds of what i think is appropriate for anybody running for president. >> when we come back, more of my interview with former secretary of state hillary clinton. is she backing president obama after he abandoned his pledge to pull u.s. troops out of afghanistan? she'll tell me coming up next. [ male announcer ] some come here
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ahh, autumn in new england. welcome back to "the lead." we're live today from keene, new hampshire, for our politics lead and more from our interview with democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton including finally something of an answer to the mystery as to who exactly it was that told her it was kosher to use a private e-mail and private e-mail server when receiving e-mails that would likely contain information that could be sensitive if not downright classified. president obama announced this week that he's going to go back on his pledge to withdrawal all u.s. troops from afghanistan, a pledge that you supported at the time. if elected, you would inherit 5,500 u.s. troops still in afghanistan. can you pledge that you would get all of them out of afghanistan by the end of your first or second term? >> you know, jake, i think what you're seeing with president obama is a perfect example of a leader who has strong convictions about what he would like to see happen but also pays attention to what's going on in
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the real world. and his decision is one that i agree with. i will not sit here today and say what i would do upon taking office because, again, we want to bring our troops home. we certainly don't want them engaged in on the ground combat. we want them to help support and train the afghan army. and we want them to, you know, continue to work with the government of afghanistan to try to help strengthen security for them. so i can't predict where things will be in january of 2017. but i support the president's decision. >> you're scheduled to testify before the benghazi committee in the house of representatives in a few days. what are you expecting and how are you preparing? >> i really don't know what to expect. i think it's pretty clear that whatever they might have thought they were doing they ended up becoming a partisan arm of the republican national committee
1:20 pm
with an overwhelming focus on trying to as they admitted drive down my poll numbers. i've already testified about benghazi. i testified to the best of my ability before the senate and the house. i don't know that i have very much to add. this is after all the eighth investigation. other committees of the congress, standing committees with other experienced members of staff have all looked into this and basically just rejected the conspiracy theories that are still floating out there in some circles. so i really don't know. i will do my best to answer their questions. but i don't really know what their objective is right now. >> i covered the benghazi situation, the benghazi tragedy when i was a white house correspondent. and there's something i just never really understood. and that is why did the state department deny all those security requests?
1:21 pm
the former regional security officer in libya eric nordstrom recalled in testimony asking for 12 new security agents. and he was talking to a regional director who said he was asking for the sun, the moon and the stars. it got so bad, nordstrom said, that he was fighting members of the state department. it was like having the taliban on the inside of the building. >> well, the accountability review board that i commissioned went into this in great detail. and they made some recommendations. >> i know, but i guess the question is why? why weren't the security requests made? >> well, that was left to the security professionals, jake. and in the reports, the ones that have been done that were nonpolitical and independent in their efforts to try to sort this through, i think concluded that the security professionals in the state department had to look worldwide and had to make some tough decisions. that's why we don't inject politics into it. that has to be what the
1:22 pm
professionals are deciding. and there were a lot of different opinions and that's understandable. there's tough decisions that have to be made. so i can only point you to the very thorough review that several committees have done starting with the accountability review board that have gone into this in great detail and made recommendations about how we can better make those assessments. not at the political level, because i don't think a secretary of state who may be there for four years or two years should be reaching down in and making those decisions. but we have to do a better job with the professionals charged with making the decisions so that the information can all be evaluated and the resources that are needed can be asked for and deployed to the best extent. >> i know bernie sanders said that, quote, the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. but there are a lot of people who are not. >> well. >> including fbi officials
1:23 pm
looking into whether national security was compromised because of this server. and this is something else that is very confusing to me. with all your experience why wouldn't you anticipate that over the course of four years handling very sensitive diplomatic negotiations, overseeing military interventions and surveillance, why wouldn't you anticipate that something classified whether about north korea or iran or drones or an informant for the cia that it wouldn't be e-mailed to you? and why wouldn't you consider that having it on your personal account with some server in colorado might be a potential risk? >> well, first of all, nothing -- and i will underscore, nothing that i was sent or that i sent was marked classified. we have a system in our government, in our state department, it was there before i came in. >> right. >> it has continued after i left where there are decisions made about what is classified information in realtime.
1:24 pm
nothing was marked classified. >> the inspector general of the intelligence community said some of this stuff contained classified information when it was generated whether or not it was marked classified. >> well, that is just a very strong difference of opinion. the state department does not agree with that. and it is almost an impossible standard because we had two separate systems. we had the unclassified system so anybody on the unclassified system with the state department would only be able to tell if something were classified if it were marked classified. we dealt with classified information on a totally different system. nobody had access to that from an unclassified device. so i think a lot of this is being a public display of the very common arguments that go on between different agencies in our government. this happens every time there is a freedom of information act request. if something's going to be made
1:25 pm
public that was not classified at the time, maybe something has happened years later that there's a case and so now it's sensitive information. that's what's going on here. different agencies are weighing in saying, yeah, it wasn't classified but we think that there is something in it that now we're going to say is sensitive. at the time there was nothing marked classified. and that is the fact that hasn't changed. >> and you said it was allowed too. >> yes, it was. >> who allowed it? >> it was allowed under the rules of state department. again -- >> so nobody signed off on it? >> no, it was allowed. one of my predecessors did the same thing. others in our government have done the same thing at very high levels because the rules did change after i left state department. but at the time and in prior years the rules allowed it. >> but it never occurred to you when any of these e-mails coming
1:26 pm
in from sid blumenthal -- >> sid blumenthal was not a government employee or official. it would be like you sending me something, jake. if i thought it had some interest to it, i might forward it onto somebody. but i would not expect you to be in a position to classify anything because you were not in that classification process. neither was he. so he sent me stuff that he heard from people. you know, he's an old journalist and thought it was of interest. some i sent on, some i didn't. i kind of made the judgment at the time. it was not in the category of anything that could be classified because it came from an outside nongovernment person passing on what somebody told somebody told him. look, i'm somebody who thinks the government and people who work in it should be open to getting information from different sources. i mean, you wrote a book about afghanistan. if during the course of my being secretary of state you had sent me an e-mail saying, look, i think the government needs to
1:27 pm
know this i thought that's a good point i'll send it on and six years later they say, oh, my gosh, he was reporting sensitive information. well, you didn't know that. and i certainly didn't know that. so i think that this is a complicated issue for even sophisticated folks to understand. and i just keep going back to we have two different systems. i dealt with classified information very carefully and seriously. i usually met with people to discuss it. it was delivered to me in hard copy so marked. and then when i traveled i had one of those tents because we were afraid of prying eyes from certain governments that i would read classified material in. so i'm very familiar with the importance of treating classified information as it should be with great care. >> can i get your e-mail address? >> sure. you want to send me something that might be interesting? >> i'm just wondering for the future. i haven't had that kind of relationship with you, but if that was like a hidden offer. >> yeah, sure.
1:28 pm
you can give me, you know, what you hear politically. i might make use of it. >> sure. madame secretary, thanks so much for your time. i really appreciate it. >> nice to talk to you. >> congratulations on the debate. >> thank you. thank you very much. for the record she didn't give me her e-mail address. coming up, donald trump just down the road from hillary clinton in new hampshire, what will he say about jeb bush calling him pathetic. plus, we're learning the u.s. military did know that this building was a hospital before it attacked. so why did u.s. planes fire anyway? ♪sweet, sweet ♪so st. thomas ne♪ ♪so nice, so nice ♪st. croix full of pure vibes ♪so nice, so nice ♪st. john a real paradise ♪so nice, so nice ♪proud to be from the virgin islands♪
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welcome back to "the lead." we're in beautiful keene, new hampshire. you just heard former secretary of state hillary clinton in our politics lead discuss everything from the state of the race for the democratic nomination to what she called the benghazi committee's evolution into a, quote, partisan arm of the republican national committee. we also talked about much, much more. let's talk about clinton with democratic strategist stephanie cutter and political consultant eric furnstrum. there isn't anybody in politics who hasn't changed a position, hillary clinton told me. but in this case when your closest rival is to the left and you lurch left from so many things like deportation, to guns, to trade, to environment, you do run the risk of looking like somebody who is a politician willing to do anything to win. that's one of the ways that obama in 2008, a campaign you worked for, tried to paint
1:34 pm
clinton. is bernie sanders and her opponents are they going to be able to do it to her again this time? >> well, you know, i think she has a relevant point that there aren't any elected officials that haven't changed their position or major presidential candidates. and besides the things you're pointing to, actually universal gun background checks is not a left or right issue. it's supported by the majority of the american people. she's pointed out some specific things in the trade agreement that she doesn't agree with. so i think it's fact specific. and people are going to make their own conclusions, but i think she makes a pretty good case of why you have to base your opinion and your positions based on current information and where the country is. on guns and after dozens upon dozens of mass shootings including at a kindergarten class, i think that's pretty compelling in terms of wanting to keep guns out of the hands of people that shouldn't be having
1:35 pm
them. >> eric, anything strike you from the interview? was there anything in her answers about benghazi or the e-mails that you thought might come back to haunt her? >> jake, i couldn't help but notice when you first raised the issue of her mishandling classified information. she laughed. i don't know if that's a nervous tick or if she really does think this is a big joke. and it's not a partisan investigation that's being carried out by the fbi. that investigation is being carried out by the obama administration, which is why it was completely inappropriate for the president of "60 minutes" to come out and basically absolve her of compromising national security information by biassing the investigation that way i think he made it more imperative that the attorney general now come forward and make it clear that this is going to be a fair, thorough and objective investigation that she's going
1:36 pm
to go wherever the evidence leads. and that hillary clinton is not going to be treated any differently than government employees in the past who have been found to have mishandled classified information. >> the "new york times" today reporting that there are individuals in the fbi who were upset with president obama saying that. stephanie, let's talk about joe biden for a second. the new poll here in new hampshire showing hillary barely edging out bernie sanders. also shows that 50% of democrats in granite state new hampshire say that biden should not run for president. where do you think the status is of this decision, stephanie? >> well, i don't know where the status is. you know, i'm reading the same press reports as you are that the decision is imminent. and i think he's thinking along and hard about this. it's not an easy decision to make particularly after you've gone through some recent family tragedies like he's gone through. you know, if 50% of the people in new hampshire say -- of democrats in new hampshire say that he shouldn't run for
1:37 pm
president, does that mean 50% say he should? and if so that's not a bad place to be for somebody who hasn't even started to make their case. so i think he'll make his decision on his terms. if he decides to run he'll take it to the trail and start making his case. >> 36% say he should run. democrats in new hampshire. eric, i want to play something donald trump said this morning about the 9/11 attacks. he said this on bloomberg television. take a listen. >> when you talk about george bush, i mean, say what you want the world trade center came down during his time -- >> hold on. you can't blame george bush for that. >> he was president, okay. don't blame him or don't blame him but he was president. the world trade center came down during his reign. >> now, jeb bush in response tweeted a response saying how pathetic for donald trump to criticize the president for 9/11. we were attacked and my brother kept us safe. eric, what do you make of this? >> well, i think it's best if we don't politicize national
1:38 pm
disasters like 9/11. there's no question that since that horrendous attack occurred george bush kept the american people safe from another attack on the homeland. i think it would be best if donald trump and other candidates refrain from politicizing national tragedies like 9/11. but look, donald trump he continues to be in command of the republican field. you know, i think the possibility, jake, continues to grow that he based on the polling that we're seeing he could win the first four contests. if that happens this race will be over. >> uh-huh. >> in march. and there's been some movement in the middle of the pack. and it's possible that a jeb bush type candidate maybe marco rubio could emerge to make a strong run for the top. >> right. >> but i think that's got to happen in the next 90 days or so. the risk of it not happening is
1:39 pm
that the establishment will become reconciled to the idea of a trump nomination. and they will come to terms with it and coalesce around him. i think that would be if you're jeb bush or marco rubio or chris christie or any one of the others it would be a disaster. >> definitely the clock's ticking. er eric, stephanie, thank you. cnn's democratic debate will replay again this evening at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. on the republican side, carly fiorina bringing in millions after her strong debate performance last month, but suddenly struggling in the polls. where has she been? that story next.
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welcome back to "the lead" live from beautiful keene, new hampshire. we're going to continue with the politics lead as hillary clinton heads to her second event here
1:44 pm
in the granite state today. she might hear the echoes of one mr. donald j. trump he'll literally be down the road in a nearby town in massachusetts. then of course there's the other woman in the 2016 presidential race. today carly fiorina is in iowa trying to keep up her post debate momentum. the big question, what's causing her recent sag in polls? her message, her money or perhaps her graphic description of a video that fact checkers disputed. i want to go right now to cnn's sara murray. sara, leave it to a political campaign to put a spin on the negative numbers. what are they saying? >> well, they're certainly trying to spin her numbers. but look, jake, not everyone is buying it. a number of republican donors tell me they gave fiorina a look after cnn's debate but they're already starting to worry her momentum has stalled. carly fiorina barn storming iowa, relishing her newly competitive campaign war chest. >> our trajectory is straight upwards, others have been up and down. >> filling her coffers with $6.8
1:45 pm
million, far more than the previous quarter and a good sign half of the money came from small donations that often signal grassroots momentum. after enjoying a bump in the polls with moments like this in cnn's gop debate. >> you know, it's interesting to me. mr. trump said that he heard mr. bush very clearly. and what mr. bush said. i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> fiorina's campaign seems to have lost some of its shine. a cnn/orc poll nationwide poll had her in second place in mid-september just behind donald trump with 15% support. >> you know something's going right, you know you're rising in the polls, you know you have momentum when the other side starts attacking hard. >> just weeks later she's fallen to sixth place in a new fox news poll with just 5% support nationally. a drop fiorina brushed off today. >> we're number two in new
1:46 pm
hampshire, we're number three in iowa. we're number two in nevada. we're way up there in south carolina. and so those are the polls that matter most to me. >> reporter: what's to blame? critics point to this moment during the debate. >> as regards planned parenthood, anyone who has watched this videotape i dare hillary clinton, barack obama to watch these tapes. watch a fully formed fetus on the table, it's heartbeating, its legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain. >> but even as fact check showed the video didn't exist, fiorina didn't back off. and may have missed an opportunity to widen her appeal. and her campaign has struggled to counter stories about herty mull which you say tenure as ceo of hewlett-packard. >> could be problematic mainly because donald trump has been willing to go after her.
1:47 pm
she needs to make a character question. >> reporter: a third gop debate slated for later this month. >> i've been tested. and this battle does not scare me. but what scares me is the way the nation is going. >> now, fiorina is not wrong. those early state polls have definitely been more promising for her. that's what her campaign is pointing to. they say it's pleased with her performance and has no plans to change her strategy, jake. >> all right. sara murray, thank you so much. the world lead now, an unholy mess in the holy land. day of rage, fires burning, tear gas flying and knife slashing as secretary of state john kerry makes plans to try and stop what seems could be an all-out war. i don't want to live with
1:48 pm
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. welcome back to "the lead." we are live in first in the nation primary state new hampshire. now we're going to turn to the world lead. bethlehem in flames as hamas, the group recognized as a terrorist organization by the u.s. government, calls for a day of rage. violence between israel and the palestinians is spiraling out of control as we learn today that
1:52 pm
the secretary of state john kerry will try to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu next week. also in the west bank, a compound housing joseph's tomb was set on fire. it's a holy site for jews, christians and muslims. it was set on fire apparently by palestinians. all this violence comes as yet another israeli citizen, this time a soldier, was stabbed by a palestinian man disguised as a photographer. the palestinian man was shot and killed by israeli forces. also in world news today, exactly how did a u.s. team bomb a doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan? well, now that question may be much harder to answer. the initial october 3rd attack killed 12 medical staff and 10 patients. three of them were children. the group says what evidence was left in the burned out facility has been since destroyed. the news coming as we learn what the military knew before the bombing. cnn's barbara starr has the latest. barbara. >> cnn has learned that u.s.
1:53 pm
military investigators have found the u.s. did know this was a hospital being run by the medical group doctors without borders in northern afghanistan. two u.s. officials tell cnn the location was in a u.s. military database. one official saying the medical group did everything right. 22 people including 12 medical staff and three children killed in the u.s. attack october 3rd. doctors without borders says there has been more trouble. an armored vehicle carrying military investigators forced its way into the wrecked compound causing damage and potentially destroying evidence. >> it's just another example for us of how this investigation is unfolding in a way that really necessitates an independent investigation. >> still, u.s. investigators trying to answer the questions. how did it happen, who ordered the aircraft to fire?
1:54 pm
other key questions, did the knowledge it was a hospital get passed along? when an ac-130 gunship struck, did the air crew and u.s. special operations forces on the ground know it was a hospital? if they did, did they realize striking the hospital is against u.s. military rules even if taliban are there? >> a hospital was mistakenly struck. we would never intentionally target a protected medical facility. >> defense secretary ash carter says all the video and audio recordings are being reviewed, but promising everyone will have their say. >> there's other data as well and make sure we have the full story. >> the only theory we have is we had a hospital fully operational, full of staff with patients up to 200 patients and staff. it was bombed. it's one of the hugest loss of life that we've ever experienced as an organization. it is one of the most clear cut cases that we can think of where
1:55 pm
the laws of wars have been violated. >> doctors without borders says it was so quiet and calm at the hospital that they were actually able to schedule surgeries that had been put off earlier due to fighting in the area. jake. >> barbara starr, tragic story. breaking news, a source saying nba star lamar odom has regained consciousness. and odom was able to speak to khloe kardashian, who has been by his side. that breaking news next.
1:56 pm
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we have some breaking news in the pop culture lead. word that lamar odom, the two-time nba champion with the los angeles lakers also known for marrying into the kardashian clan, woke up today and was able
2:00 pm
to speak. a source close to the situation telling cnn that the former basketball star told khloe kardashian, hi, was the statement he said. but his condition remains guarded and it's not clear if he's still awake right now. but this is good news for people watching this story. odom of course was found unconscious at a nevada brothel earlier this week where employees said he'd been using cocaine. it's also where he reportedly spent $75,000 over three days. khloe kardashian meanwhile remains at his bedside. their divorce was never officially finalized, so she will still be in charge of making medical decisions for the former nba star. you can follow much more of this story on cnn. that's it for "the lead" from new hampshire. i'm jake tapper turning you over now to brianna keilar in for wolf blitzer in "the situation room." have a great weekend. see you on sunday on "state of the union." happening now, mideast on edge with parts of jeral